Dreams belong on paper.

Flower Press is an equitable publishing practice centering women, femme, and queer artists and practitioners. We publish books, zines, periodicals, dreams, memories, stickers, magic tricks, instructional manuals, guides, maps, poems, tapes, and more.

We empower artists to set their prices and determine their publishing split. We offer design, editing, and production services to artists who list with us.

Interested in submitting or stocking work? Drop us a line on our contact page or email us at flowerpresspublishing[at]gmail.com.

We are proud to be in community with people we love and who really inspire us. These are the artists that we currently work with, and we’re growing every day.

Katelyn Durst
Lindsay Farris
Clementine Hepburn
Francis Kulikowski
Corbin LaMont
Nicole Lavelle
Grace Millard
Zoe Minikes
Carolina Porras
Alicia Toldi
Van Waring

Mary Welcome

We are building relationships with bookstores, galleries, shops, community centers, libraries, and more who are supportive of our collective spirit. If you are interested in stocking work, we’d love to hear from you.

We work with a constellation of wonderful editors, designers, and printers, and we’re always on the lookout for talented partners. Reach out if you have someone in mind.